Chicken Foo Yung

Chicken Foo Yung dish
NOTE: You can add the sauces at cooking stage if preferred, just enough soy to change the colour of the meat and a tablespoon or two of hoisin give it an added taste of the orient. Too much hoisin can be overpowering though so add sparingly. I also added a splash of Saki as the chicken went in so that the moisture had evaporated by the time the eggs went in. You can substitute chicken for the vegetarian alternatives that are readily available in supermarkets.


    1 tbsp sunflower oil or a spray of 1 cal
 200g (7oz)of defrosted peas
1 small onion, diced and 2 large spring onions sliced 

    4 chicken fillets cut into strips 

    1 tsp salt 

    225g (8oz) beansprouts 

    5 eggs, beaten 

    85g (3oz) chopped mushrooms
    Soy sauce/hoisin sauce optional


    1. Heat the oil in a wok
    2. Stir fry the chicken at moderate to high heat until lightly browned
    3. Add the salt, onions, peas and stir fry for 2 minutes
    4. Add the beansprouts and mushrooms and stir fry for 1 minute
    5. Add the eggs to the ingredients in the wok and reduce the heat to a low setting
    6. Stir occasionally while the mixture sets so that it doesn’t burn on the bottom of the wok
    7. When the mixture has set and is brown in places, the dish is ready
    8. Turn out into a serving dish and serve with rice and a slosh of soy sauce
Recipe from the book Starting from Scratch - The Complete Guide to Keeping Ex-Battery hens by Eirlys Goode