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Preventing egg laying problems in older hens with implants


As hens get older they have a tendency to develop problems when laying eggs. As they approach the end of lay stage shells may begin to display full or partial wrinkling. This is caused by reduced elasticity of the tubes which the eggs travel down as ...

Re-cooped: adopting ex-battery hens

Ex-battery hen

You might think only a ‘mother hen’ could love them but Eirlys Goode, author of Starting From Scratch and keen ex-battery hen enthusiast, explains how more and more of these hens now enjoy a new lease of ...


All cooped up: The essentials of housing your hens

Purpose built coop

When choosing housing for your chickens you will need to decide what type of housing suits you and your chickens best and to do this you need to consider these things; as well as being predator proof it must also be well ventilated, weatherproof ...


Chickens: Pure bred vs hybrid

Sussex and Maran Pure Breed Chickens

Light Sussex and Marans are both popular pure bred choices When deciding to keep chickens one of the first and most important decisions you need to make is which type of bird best suits your needs. To some extent the question will be answered by ...


Breed Focus – Silkie


You could be forgiven for thinking that the fluffy plumage and designer ear muffs worn by the Silkie are a recent showcase of the breeders art but, in fact, the Silkie is one of the most ancient breeds we know today. It is thought they may date back ...

Poultry health: Scaly Leg Mite

Chicken with scaly leg mite infestation

Above: Scaly leg mite can lead to lameness if left untreated. Photo © Chicken Vet Scaly leg mites are parasites that are particularly associated with the feet and legs of chickens although they can also infest any unfeathered areas including the ...

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Frozen chickens – winter health advice for happy hens


NOW THAT WINTER is upon us our feathered friends need a little help to see them safely through the winter period. A bit of extra attention from their owners and some adjustment to their normal diet will help them through the worst of conditions. ...

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