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Preventing egg laying problems in older hens with implants


As hens get older they have a tendency to develop problems when laying eggs. As they approach the end of lay stage shells may begin to display full or partial wrinkling. This is caused by reduced elasticity of the tubes which the eggs travel down as ...

Picture tutorial: Show preparation for soft feather poultry

Show winning soft feather Silkie

In this photo tutorial we show you how to prepare a soft feather bird for showing. You can apply the same methods to all birds, the only difference for a breed such as silkies (as shown in the pictures) who’s barbless feathers soak up water ...


Soft-shelled eggs

Soft-shelled egg

Egg shells are made largely from calcium carbonate so, as well as being essential for the usual functions of building strong bones and keeping brain, nerves and muscles working properly egg layers require a plentiful supply of calcium in their diet ...

Showing eggs: tips for success

Three winning eggs

Egg showing can sometimes get overlooked in favour of the bird competitions but selecting the perfect single, trio or half dozen for show day success is not as easy as you might think and winning an egg class can be every bit as rewarding as ...

Egg bound: working out the problem

An egg bound hen

A hen is said to be egg bound when she is unable to lay. This is a condition which may result from inflammation of the oviduct, malformed or double yolked eggs, or an egg which has formed too large for a bird to pass. Tell-tale signs include ...

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Poultry health: prolapse of the vent

Prolapsed hen

During the process of laying an egg the lower part of the hen’s reproductive tract is temporarily turned inside out which lets the hen lay a very clean egg. Sometimes the tissue doesn’t retract after the egg has been laid and this condition is ...

Incubating and hatching with a broody hen

Hybrid hen with chicks

Having decided that you would like your broody hen, which for the purposes of this article will be known as ‘mum’, to hatch some chicks, you have a couple of things to think about immediately. Firstly eggs will only be fertile if the hens ...


Garlic and apple cider vinegar for poultry health

Garlic clove

Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar acts as a mild antiseptic but also has numerous other health benefits and contains vitamins and minerals essential for good health. It is particularly good for birds that are stressed or suffering respiratory ...

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Identifying and controlling red poultry mite

Red poultry mite

The poultry red mite, not to be confused with the red spider mite encountered by gardeners, is the scourge of chicken keepers countrywide. They are tiny (up to 1mm) slow moving mites that will take up residence in any available nook, cranny, crack or ...


Impacted crop and sour crop

Inquisitive chickens

A chicken’s crop is located immediately beneath the neck, against the breast, and just right of centre. When a chicken has eaten the crop extends to accommodate the food and can be clearly seen as a ‘swelling’ when it is full. Food is stored ...

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Fox pop – your five most popular fox deterrents revealed

Red Fox

Wherever you live, town or country, if you keep poultry or other small animals such as rabbits, it is almost inevitable that you will cross paths with a fox at some time or another. These wily adversaries are a perennial problem, and one that needs ...

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