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Preventing egg laying problems in older hens with implants


As hens get older they have a tendency to develop problems when laying eggs. As they approach the end of lay stage shells may begin to display full or partial wrinkling. This is caused by reduced elasticity of the tubes which the eggs travel down as ...

Moulting and feather loss

Hen with feather loss on neck

Chickens need feathers to provide protection and insulation for the body and to make sure these vital assets stay in tip top condition chickens will shed their feathers annually – although it can occasionally happen more or less frequently – ...


Project: Three bird chicken coop with removeable run

Finished chicken coop

Okay, here it is, the Pocket Farm chicken coop and run project. These instructions are best used in conjunction with the plans which can be downloaded here and the photos which accompany the text below. This is a project that I have just completed ...


Breed focus: A peek at Pekin bantams

Blue pekin bantam

Pekins are a true bantam breed, meaning that there is no large fowl counterpart. As is often the case there are several suggestions as to the origin of the breed – the most popular alleges that they were stolen from the private collection of the Emperor of China in Peking in 1860 but it ...

Pest and predator proofing your poultry

Red fox, the biggest threat to poultry

Keeping chickens is no longer the sole domain of farmers or rural hobbyists, many urban householders now find the space in their back gardens to house a chicken coop too. Wherever you live though one of the top priorities of poultry husbandry is ...


Breed Focus: Japanese Quail (Coturnix)

Japanese Quail

Japanese Quail are particularly easy to look after, have very few specific requirements and can be kept inexpensively in relatively small hutches or runs. Joe Lat of Horton Hatchery takes a look at this diminutive but particularly versatile breed of poultry. ...

Eggs: ‘Ovoiding’ problems and other peculiarities

Wrinkled egg

Seasoned keepers will know that eggs can present themselves in many shapes and sizes outside of the classic egg shape we expect but they will also know whether or not an unusual shape is an indication of something more sinister or not. ...


Poultry health: Marek's disease

Young chicken with Marek's disease

A highly contagious disease that can survive for months or years in litter and poultry dust. Infection occurs through the respiratory system. Incubation periods range from 3 weeks to several months. Chicks become infected at an early age, whilst the ...


Luton and District Poultry Club

LDPC mascot - Colin the Cochin

Welcome to the Luton and District Poultry Club pages on Pocket Farm. Here you will find membership details, news and meeting information and coming soon details of any stock, eggs or equipment available from members. ...


Chicken keeping – warts an’ all

Chickens at home

Poultry keeper James Marshall will often be found writing about farming and the countryside on his blog Outdoorsandmore. Here, he takes time out to make a light-hearted, but nevertheless identifiable, comparison between what some of the more romantic ...


Ducks as an alternative to chickens for new keepers

Indian Runner Ducks

If you are thinking of keeping poultry, chickens are going to be the popular and obvious choice. However, ducks have been kept for eggs, meat and as pets every bit as long as chickens and have their own distinct qualities that, for some, will make ...

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