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Absolute beginner’s guide to breeding sheep


As I said in my previous article, there is already masses of material in print and on the net covering every aspect of sheep keeping in great detail. For this reason I have tried to write my article in a way that will deal with the fundamentals. With ...

Pygmy goats part 3: routine tasks

Ready to start hoof trimming

Having considered the provision of an appropriate environment for pygmy goats, we must next think about essential routine tasks before going on to nutrition and more specific health matters. It goes without saying that all of these factors work ...


Pygmy goats part 2: housing and other facilities

Pygmy goat play area

Having broadly considered the various issues surrounding your initial purchase of pygmy goats in the previous article, we now look at the specific facilities needed to provide a comfortable environment for them. Few of us will have the luxury of ...

Pygmy goats part 1: before buying your goats

A pair of pygmy wethers

As with any livestock, if you are thinking of keeping pygmy goats, there are certain considerations that will have to be addressed before you get started. The first in a series of articles addressing the principle facets of pygmy goat ownership. ...

Pygmy goats: an introduction

Pygmy Goat

The breed of pygmy goat as we know it in this country owes its origin to the cross-breeding of two different types of miniature goat found in the equatorial regions of Africa – The West African Dwarf, with its disproportionately short legs, ...

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