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Five unusual and versatile vegetables to grow this spring

Vegetabes growing in raised beds

While the majority of allotments and vegetable patches are dedicated to the tried-and-tested fruit and veg, it’s always fun to add a bit of variety and try your hand at growing something completely new. Here is our pick of the best unusual veg to grow this season. ...

Grow your own: Radish

Scarlett Globe radish with salad leaves

Radishes are one of the quickest and easiest salad vegetables you can grow. They come in a multitude of colours and sizes, can be grown as easily in pots as in the ground and have spring and winter varieties too. A great one to give you a bit of ...

Growers’ yearbook – August

Fruit leather

If all has gone well it may seem there is almost too much to pick, preserve, store or even give away at this time of year so below are a few ideas of what to do with your bounty. During August I’m normally found by my big old preserving ...

Growers’ yearbook – July

Harvesting potatoes

The summer is now upon us. It’s time to reap and preserve from the fat of the land. There’s an abundance of soft fruit to eat fresh from the plants and to preserve for winter use, be that in the form of jams, jellies, juices, fruit leather or simply plonking them in the freezer. ...

Growers’ Yearbook – June

Broad beans ripening

June is a lovely month to be out in the garden, the flowers are in bloom and you can start reaping some rewards from all your hard work. It can be dry so giving your plants lots of water is a good idea. During June there is so much to do it’s hard to keep […]


Fundamentals of permaculture – herb spiral

Permaculture classic - the herb spiral

The Herb Spiral has become something of an icon for Permaculture gardening techniques. This is primarily because it is an attractive and easily reproducible way of very clearly demonstrating several of the principles of Permaculture. While there are some amazing things being done in this ...

Growers’ Yearbook – May

Peach blossom

May is a busy and beautiful month in the garden or at the allotment, the bees are out collecting sweet nectar, the peas and beans are getting bigger, the birds are tweeting and the sun’s shining. It’s a real pleasure to be out in the vegetable plot. There is lots of planting, ...


Growers’ Yearbook – April

Spring fruit tree blossom

The weather is hotting up and the vegetable garden is now a busy place, getting plants into the ground and trying to keep the weeds at bay. This is the time when plants go mad if you don’t keep them in check now your vegetables will be a sorry lot. To be honest, ...


Grower’s Yearbook – March

Tomato seedlings

The daffodils are in bloom, everything is becoming green once again and our goats have given birth to their kids, so that must mean spring is here! March is a busy month, there are loads of things to be doing in the garden. The seed beds will be ...


Grower’s yearbook – February

Fresh garlic growing

Now spring is just around the corner, I’m itching to get out in the garden and get muddy! This month there are plenty of bits and bobs to be getting busy with. As always only plant what you like to eat, there’s no point in spending loads of time and effort on growing something you ...


Experimentation is key for more productive and diverse cropping

Nasturtiums under cabbage

It was a lovely summer. That seems like an odd statement at this time of year, but as the curtain has come down on 2013, perhaps it is time to reflect upon the last few months. After the washout ...

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