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Market analysis – selling eggs to the general public

If you keep more than just a few chickens, especially if they are regular layers, you will soon build up a surplus of eggs. Even three hens can over produce for a family of four’s requirements although at this level you can almost certainly dispose ... Full Article

Supermarkets choose appearance and flavour over nutritional value

As much as half of all food produced around the globe is believed to be wasted and if this shocking fact isn’t enough by itself, one of the main reasons behind this is it failing to meet the required appearance standards set out by supermarkets. ...


Macrobiotic or wholegrain diets

Often credited as a Far Eastern regime, the word ‘macrobiotics’ was first mentioned in the writings of Hippocrates where he used the term to describe people who were healthy and long lived. Followers believe that food that is eaten directly ...

Falling in love with food again

Has being bombarded with daily information about foods that are “bad” made us forget how to enjoy a good healthy diet? We ask some questions… ...