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Starting with self-sufficiency

Harvesting potatoes

Today it can seem unimaginable to leave everything behind and lead a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Smartphones, cars and constant food, water and energy supplies have all contributed towards an existence that is reliant upon these things every day ...


Game Review: Pocket Farm now literally in your pocket

Pocket Farm Game

You may be forgiven for thinking that this game is in some way related to us but in fact it is the creation of Rocking Pocket Games. Nevertheless we couldn”t resist the opportunity to play and review this namesake and here’s our verdict. ...

Exclusive interview: Author and Champion Tamworth breeder Liz Shankland talks to Pocket Farm

Liz Shankland with ther Tamworth pigs

Rather than consciously choosing the lifestyle Liz Shankland’s evolution as a smallholder started quite by chance. As a journalist and broadcaster, with only sparse agricultural knowledge, she faced a very steep learning curve ...

Timothy Foxx tweed: altering the fabric of time

Timothy Foxx collection

You might not expect to find a high fashion feature on the pages of Pocket Farm but Buckinghamshire based Timothy Foxx’s quiet revolution in country clothing has caught our attention and, indeed, held it. Started in 2009 by Rosalie Eustace they ...

Interview: Foraging a living in the restaurant trade

The Foragers

From emerging markets to market stalls and stock exchange to stock pots we talk to food and foraging entrepreneur George Fredenham (pictured left) about his decision to trade in his city lifestyle for the challenge of starting a new gastronomic movement. ...

So you want to be a farm vet?

Farm Vet

If you do it’ll probably have been a long-term ambition. Veterinary work isn’t really something you just fall into when you leave sixth form. Animals will almost certainly have played a big part in your life in some way or another but ...

Evoqueative: Land Rover’s feisty young upstart reviewed

Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover have come a long way since Maurice Wilkes knocked up a prototype for his legendary off-roader out of old Jeep parts in his shed 65 years ago. Despite numerous ownership changes the company, and the brand, is as strong as ever: here we take ...

Fish and tell story: A carp fishing odyssey to France

fishing rods at lake

Six years ago Hertfordshire couple Katharine and Paul Hodkinson gave up long established careers to pursue their dreams of owning their own carp fishing lakes on the continent. ...

Up with the ‘Larks: A visit to the Mudlarks community gardening project

Mudlarks entrance

As I arrive on a bright autumnal morning, staff volunteers and gardeners gather excitedly at the eco-shed before splitting into groups and heading off for the day’s activities around the large, varied and beautifully maintained areas that ...

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