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The great school farms revival


We, as a community, are always going to need the skills to grow food and raise livestock. It’s fundamental and perhaps that realisation, driven by today’s increased interest in where and how our food is produced, is what is behind the recent rise in school farm ...

Starting with self-sufficiency

Harvesting potatoes

Today it can seem unimaginable to leave everything behind and lead a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Smartphones, cars and constant food, water and energy supplies have all contributed towards an existence that is reliant upon these things every day ...


Up with the ‘Larks: A visit to the Mudlarks community gardening project

Mudlarks entrance

As I arrive on a bright autumnal morning, staff volunteers and gardeners gather excitedly at the eco-shed before splitting into groups and heading off for the day’s activities around the large, varied and beautifully maintained areas that ...