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Picture tutorial: Make a PVC pipe bow

PVC pipe bow with arrows

Archery is great fun but the equipment can be expensive so here is a step- by-step tutorial on how to make a working bow from PVC plumbing pipe and with minimal tools for just a few pounds. PVC pipe becomes very workable when heated and can be ...

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Craft project: bottle cap fishing lures

Bottle-cap spinner

Lures for predatory fish are available in all shapes and sizes for a few pounds from your local tackle shop but here at Pocket Farm we much prefer the challenge of creating comparatively simple items like this for as little money as possible. If we can use materials that would otherwise have ...

Stickmaking: getting a grip on this traditional craft

Making a walking stick

We have been using sticks for support and as weapons for thousands of years. They have also been used as symbols of power and position within society. The tomb of Tutankhamen held a large collection of sticks and staffs many of which were decorated ...

An introduction to Fly Dressing – your first flies

Pheasant Tail Nymph

So, why would you set about tying your own flies when every tackle shop in the land has a myriad of pre-tied patterns readily available? Well, there is cost, after the initial outlay for tools and materials it is possible to tie several flies for the price of one shop bought ...

Time flies – a brief history of fly tying through the ages

A selection of fishing flies

IT IS DIFFICULT TO DETERMINE with any great accuracy when artificial flies were first used to catch fish. The Chinese are said to have used a kingfisher’s feather as a hook bait several thousand years BC. But to use feathers to suggest a winged ...