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Paracord weaving: make a survival bracelet

Cobra weave paracord bracelet

Paracord weaving is a craft activity that can be enjoyed by all the family. You could argue that it’s the next step on from the current loom band craze, although, while the principles are quite similar, paracord has been in use much longer and the ...

An introduction to Fly Dressing – your first flies

Pheasant Tail Nymph

So, why would you set about tying your own flies when every tackle shop in the land has a myriad of pre-tied patterns readily available? Well, there is cost, after the initial outlay for tools and materials it is possible to tie several flies for the price of one shop bought ...

The home-made soap stars

Handmade soap

One night, while idly scanning the contents of commercial shampoos, I discovered that many modern soaps, and other bathroom products, use a cocktail of chemicals that might not as beneficial to your skin as they like to make out. I had suffered ...

Jam making: self preservation


Making jam is one of the most satisfying ways to preserve the taste and nutritional value of summer fruits so that they can be enjoyed throughout the year. It is surprisingly easy and ensures that the glut of produce around in the summer months does ...

Time flies – a brief history of fly tying through the ages

A selection of fishing flies

IT IS DIFFICULT TO DETERMINE with any great accuracy when artificial flies were first used to catch fish. The Chinese are said to have used a kingfisher’s feather as a hook bait several thousand years BC. But to use feathers to suggest a winged ...

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