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Field target archery: the most fun you can have with sticks

Taking aim at the first target - field traget archery

I describe archery as the most fun you can have with sticks as it is, in essence, shooting little sticks with a big stick while surrounded by sticks. I love it and I have just completed a longbow course at Celtic Harmony, a local cultural heritage ...

Chickens can’t swim….

Chickens on a cold wet day

Neither can they float. If a chicken falls into any container holding water or wanders into a pothole full of rainwater it will sink like a brick as their feathers are not waterproofed and it literally only takes seconds for a chicken to drown. I ...


It’s been a long break but finally I’ve scored a ‘home run’

Mary the Columbian Blacktail

Can it really be fifteen years? Seems like an awfully long time but yes, as I count them off on my fingers, it’s a full one and a half decades since I last kept chickens of my own. A lot has happened in that time which I guess is why it seems ...


Game Review: Pocket Farm now literally in your pocket

Pocket Farm Game

You may be forgiven for thinking that this game is in some way related to us but in fact it is the creation of Rocking Pocket Games. Nevertheless we couldn”t resist the opportunity to play and review this namesake and here’s our verdict. ...

Event Review: London Permacuture Festival

London Permaculture Festival - Water Workshop

Sunday 14th July saw Cecil Sharp House as the venue for the 4th London Permaculture Festival in Camden. Regular Pocket Farm contributors and permaculture practitioners Iain and Wenderlynn Bagnall braved a sweltering public transport system to pay ...

Carry on adopting …and really enrich a battery hen’s life?

Lucky Hens Rescue

Talking to some of the ex-battery hen rehoming organisations recently it seems that, since the introduction of the new ‘enriched’ cage environment regulations on January 1st 2012, there is a common misconception that there is no longer ...

Permaculture principles – lessons from the ‘Year of the Slug’

Muddy Path Wishtree Wood

2012, dubbed “The Year of the Slug”, gave us the wettest summer for 100 years, and hampered our efforts to establish our Agroforestry project in Devon. All year, we tried to work, dream, plan, and generally try to build a connection with our own ...

Reaping what you sow

Seeds ready to be planted

This is the time of year when, for centuries, people have traditionally celebrated the return of lighter evenings. It was a hugely significant time in the Celtic calendar where it was hoped the ritual celebrations would assure a plentiful food supply ...

Happy New Year


Happy New Year! So here it is finally. It’s been a bit of a slog making it happen but Pocket Farm, your new online country lifestyle and crafts magazine, has finally arrived on a browser near you. As it happens, I think the fact that its ...

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